Highlights from WWDC24: An In-Depth Look at Days 1 to 3

By Adedayo Ebenezer Oyetoke Published on: June 14th 2024 | 4 mins, 629 words Views: 230

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024 has been a treasure trove of innovations and announcements that are set to redefine user experiences across all Apple devices. From groundbreaking software updates to the integration of AI, here’s a detailed look at the key highlights from the first three days of WWDC24.

Day 1: The Grand Opening and Keynote Announcements

1. Keynote Address by Tim Cook

Tim Cook kicked off WWDC24 with a keynote that emphasized Apple's commitment to innovation and user experience. The keynote highlighted several major updates and introduced new technologies across Apple's ecosystem.

2. iOS 18: A Leap Towards Customization and AI Integration

iOS 18 was one of the most anticipated announcements. Key features include:

  • Enhanced Home Screen Customization: Users can now place icons and widgets anywhere on the home screen. The update also includes system-wide controls for changing app icon colors.
  • Messages App Enhancements: Introduction of RCS (Rich Communication Services) support, enabling better messaging features between iPhones and Android devices. New effects and animations can be applied on a per-word basis, potentially bringing rich text support.
  • Privacy and Security Updates: A new Passwords app that centralizes iCloud Keychain features into a dedicated app.

For a deeper dive into iOS 18, check out 9to5Mac’s comprehensive overview​ (9to5Mac)​.

3. macOS 15 Sequoia: AI and Productivity Enhancements

macOS 15, named Sequoia, focuses on leveraging AI to enhance productivity and user experience:

  • System Settings Overhaul: A redesigned System Settings app aims to make navigation and configuration simpler.
  • AI Features: Enhanced by the Neural Engine, macOS Sequoia introduces new AI-powered functionalities, improving everything from system-wide writing tools to more natural Siri interactions.

For more details, visit Stuff’s summary of macOS 15 Sequoia​ (Stuff)​.

4. VisionOS 2 and Vision Pro Enhancements

VisionOS 2 for the Vision Pro headset brings new capabilities such as:

  • Spatial Photos: Transforming 2D images into immersive spatial photos.
  • Hand Gestures: More intuitive gestures for accessing frequently used features.
  • Mac Virtual Display: Now supporting higher resolution and larger virtual displays, equivalent to dual 4K monitors.

Learn more about VisionOS 2 on Bluebash’s detailed post​ (BlueBash portfolio)​.

Day 2: Expanding on Software Innovations

1. iPadOS 18: Bringing iOS Features to iPad

iPadOS 18 introduces several key updates, mirroring many of the enhancements from iOS 18:

  • Calculator App: Finally making its debut on the iPad, complete with Math Notes for handwritten calculations and graphing.
  • Notes App Enhancements: Smart Script for improved handwritten notes, new collapsible sections, and highlighting options for better organization.

For a complete breakdown, see Stuff’s iPadOS 18 update​ (Stuff)​.

2. watchOS 11: Health and Fitness Focus

watchOS 11 continues to enhance the health and fitness tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch:

  • Vitals App: Centralizes key health metrics and alerts users to changes.
  • Training Load: Helps users optimize their workout routines by measuring workout intensity and duration over time.

For more on watchOS 11, check out 9to5Mac’s coverage​ (9to5Mac)​.

Day 3: All About Swift

1. Swift and SwiftUI Updates

Day 3 focused on Apple's programming language, Swift, and its UI framework, SwiftUI:

  • New Swift Features: Introduction of more powerful concurrency tools and enhanced performance optimizations.
  • SwiftUI Enhancements: Improvements in UI building blocks and tools that make it easier for developers to create visually stunning applications.

2. Developer Tools and Resources

Apple also introduced several new tools and resources for developers:

  • Guides and Documentation: Comprehensive sessions, labs, and sample code available for developers to explore the latest in Swift and SwiftUI.

For developers looking to dive deeper, Apple’s developer website and Wireless Terminal’s Product Review provide extensive resources and insights.


WWDC24 has been a landmark event, showcasing Apple’s relentless pursuit of innovation across its product lineup. From major OS updates and AI advancements to new developer tools and resources, the conference has set the stage for exciting developments in the year ahead. For continuous updates and detailed articles on each announcement, stay tuned to Wireless Terminal for the latest insights and expert analysis.

Marquee stuff : Highlights from WWDC24: An In-Depth Look at Days 1 to 3

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