Climate Change Mitigation: Strategies and Goals for 2024 and Beyond

By Adedayo Ebenezer Oyetoke Published on: November 21st 2023 | 2 mins, 391 words Views: 438

The climate crisis is one of the most pressing issues of our time, and the need for urgent action has never been clearer. While the impacts of global warming are already being felt worldwide through extreme weather events, rising sea levels and other consequences, 2024 presents an opportunity for nations and corporations to ramp up mitigation efforts if we want to avoid the worst effects of climate change. Here are some key strategies and goals that experts say need to be achieved by 2024 and the coming decade.

Transition to Renewable Energy 

Accelerating the transition away from fossil fuels to renewable sources like solar, wind and hydropower is critical for mitigation. By 2024, analysts say global renewable energy capacity must increase by over 25% compared to 2020 levels. Many nations have set targets to source 30-50% of electricity from renewables by 2030. Utilities are investing heavily in green energy projects while policies like renewable portfolio standards are driving this transition.

Electrify Transportation 

The transportation sector accounts for nearly a quarter of global emissions. Rapid electrification of vehicles presents a major opportunity for reductions. By 2024, it's estimated that at least 20% of new car sales worldwide need to be electric. Countries are offering incentives for electric vehicle adoption while automakers ramp up EV production. Charging infrastructure buildouts will support this transition. Alternative fuels, public transit and active mobility solutions can further reduce emissions. 

Implement Carbon Pricing

Putting an accurate price on carbon through mechanisms like carbon taxes or cap-and-trade programs creates market incentives for lowering emissions. By 2024, carbon pricing must be implemented in at least 25 national or sub-national jurisdictions according to experts. Revenues can fund climate solutions. While political challenges remain, over 60 jurisdictions have now adopted carbon pricing worldwide.

Build Climate Resilience 

While mitigation is crucial, some warming is inevitable so adaptation is equally important. By 2024, countries need more comprehensive plans to build climate resilience through measures like coastal protections, drought-resistant crops, early warning systems and green infrastructure. Transitioning to more sustainable agricultural practices and conserving natural carbon sinks like forests are also part of the solution. 

In summary, the next two years present a critical window to ramp up ambition and set the stage for achieving mid-century climate goals through accelerated deployment of renewable energy, electrified transportation, carbon pricing and resilience strategies. With coordinated global action, limiting warming to 1.5°C is still within reach.

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